- Where Not Seeing Is Believing -

Invisible PFM is the future of digital money management. A behind-the-scenes, fully-integrated solution for banks to offer their customers the means with which to manage their finances, budget and establish long-term saving goals, whilst gaining insider information about their spending habits and financial goals to personalize their offering.  

The bank becomes a ‘life partner’ that offers financial literacy to the end-user; a win-win situation for both bank and customer.

The purpose of this study is to:

  • Demonstrate how the concept of banking is changing and what the future looks like.
  • Pinpoint how new open banking legislations such as PSD2 in Europe and Dodd Frank in the US will affect banks and allow third parties access to customers’ financial information.
  • Discuss the role of AI and Machine Learning in the banking sector
  • Delve more deeply into where PFM is heading, the waves of implementation and the potential pitfalls.


Invisible PFM: It must be Unseen to be Believed